Multiplate Copper Engraving (Mezzotint)

In both copper plate engraving and etching, the artist must meticulously press an image onto a single plate to give an impression of depth, color and form. In some of her earliest works, Jelen has layered such sheets to create the colorful images in which her ideas are impressed onto handmade paper. 

The difference between copper plate engraving (etching (acid) and engraving (done by hand)):

The two may look very similar from afar, but when viewing the form up close, there are notable differences. When engraving by hand, you can visualize that there is a burr, like a wave in the sea after a boat passes through. This is the effect, especially when engraving on soft metal like copper. When you ink that engraving, the line will look fuzzy.

On the other hand, during the etching process, you cover a piece of copper with a varnish, and with a needle you expose the naked copper. Once treated with acid, the varnish disappears. You are not left with a burr, as with the engraving. 

All are done on layers of colors.

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