Glass Sculpture Boxes

In Jelen’s ornate yet industrial light sculptures, delicate facets of nature assemble the landscape, moving in the layers of light. Within the undeniable smoothness of industrial surfaces, she manages to juxtapose her complex and organic compositions. Jelen invites our gaze backstage, into the entrancing network of engraved structures, or rather into her secret garden.

The surrealism and dialogue between the abstract and the representational is perpetually present, overlapping the organic world of the forms of plants and trees with the man-made worlds of industrial glass and metal consisting of those elements. This duality extends into Jelen's set of sharp, mirrored surfaces which parallel the organic world she portrays.

As we see ourselves reflected in the surfaces of Jelen’s light sculptures, the gap between the world and our inner self becomes increasingly narrowed. As we see ourselves reflected in the expanded expanses of these mirrors, we are drawn through the looking glass into this new world, just as Alice was led into Wonderland.

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